View Private Instagram Photos Online

View Private Instagram Photos Online

After my earlier article about parent’s watching Instagram I received several emails about people wanting to see their kid’s “private” photos.

Your best bet is to always just “friend” your kids or get their password. Instagram has tightened their security so it’s pretty tough to see the photos of someone who’s profile is market private.  There are hacks and security vulnerabilities that are found, but generally those are fixed pretty quickly.

Spanish security researcher Sebastián Guerrero has discovered a flaw in Instagram which he has dubbed the “Friendship Vulnerability.” In short, it allows anyone to add themselves as a friend to your Instagram account. This flaw was corrected within a few hours according to Instagram.

Again you are not going to directly access your kids private Instagram accounts.  Your should either friend you child or get their password.



14 Responses to View Private Instagram Photos Online

  1. Ms.Thomas says:

    “WOW”! You guys do not understand, people can loose their life behind the photos that these children are posting. I believe that i will just hafe to report this site and try to stop this myself before another innocent child is endangered !

  2. bridigit says:

    Maybe the kid shouldn’t have an iphone in the first place if the parents are that worried about their innocence?

    • Nicole says:

      You do realize some parents are protective of their older children too right? I check my 17 year olds daughters Instagram and she has an iPhone. Her innocence is fine.

      • Who cares says:

        Really? Unless you’ve completely sheltered your child her whole life she’s not innocent, no one is. It’s a part of life and it’s people like you that try to ruin life

        • admin says:

          Protecting your children “ruin life”? The world be a much better place if more parents took the time to be involved in their children’s life including protecting them.

          • asdf says:

            You’re an admin?
            I mean… I guess I’m not surprised. By anything I see on this page. “completely sheltered” is the key to Who cares’ comment. Over protection is the problem, not under protection.

  3. darren says:

    lol ms thomas did you even read the article…

  4. smoking weed says:

    Wow this is a website for crazy people Jesus fucking Christ don’t you people realize that by being this overbearing on your kids your ruining what being a kid is all about? I’m 18 I’ve smoked weed every week since I was 15 and I’ve never had bellow an A and this year I have a full paid lacrosse and academic scholarship to duke university and its because my mom let me be me and she trusted me to be the best I can be so let your kid have fun and think about this “children are a product of their environment” so if your kids an idiot then its because your an idiot too

  5. this is stupid. says:

    This is really stupid. Do you not realize that kids are reading this? Okay first of all I am a kid. Not even. Im almost 13 years old and I see this all over the internet. God parents give your kids a break! Tjis is why so many kids cut themselve, do drugs, runaway, or something like that, because parents are all up in our face stalking us! Yeah I get youre trying to “help us” but I think youd be more help if you just let us alone. Checking in with us sometimes is fine. Like if you ask your kid how theyre doing when you usually dont then they probably wont care what you think and tell you the truth. You dont know what its like for us in todays society. And as surprisingly as this sounds, im a girl. With my own experiences. And if you want the best for your kid thwn stop bothering them about everything they do! Were not perfect, and we make mistakes ots all part of growing up. Who are you to have a say in what we do? Sure your our parents and you brought us into the world and you want to make sure were safe, but if you just gave us the safety tips and let us alone then Wed know what its like to make our own decisions. I really dont care what anyone has to say to this, I could write a 5 paragraph essay and you still probably wont change your mind, but I want you to think carefully about what I said. My teachers tell me im an excellent writer and very persuasive, but parents are tricky. And to all those people who get mad at me for saying this, then thats your problem.

    • Matt says:

      You are young and don’t fully understand being a parent, but very well said. You are a good writer.

      • Joyce says:

        Exactly she is young she I telling you what its like for a what a young person would feel like because this is what its all about. Yes maybe we might not know what its like to be a parent but you don’t know what its like when parents do that kind of thing. You basically don’t trust your child so you have to stalk then and see what there doing and that’s stupid if you don’t trust your child then you shouldn’t be giving the phones simple as. Let us live a lifes and make mistakes that what its all about we are growing up and we are learning just let us be. Trust us. If this was about your husband/wife then you would say that its a lake of trust but as soon as its teenagers its because you what to “protect us”. Well that’s bs

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